2006-Apr 28Friday


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    在完全实行预测图(或者叫7Timer! V3)制度之前,将有段过渡时期。我将在申请7Timer!那里贴出内容大体和这篇一样的告示,提醒新用户制度的转换。当然以后,如果您有需要,还是可以申请“面板”预测的。

    本文和http://csc.lamost.org/yeiht/wordpress/?p=111 (E文)内容大致相同。




2006-Apr 24Monday

Images of 73P-B and 174P

2006年4月24日21:35  Lulin Sky Survey 评论/Comment.

Hello all,

  I was able to get two interesting images by LOT on April 20, of 73P-B and 174P.

  73P-B possibly has one more fragment and 174P possibly has a pair of nuclears. Now the two discoveries are waiting confirmations.



full pixel at http://ccn.lamost.org/test/174p_20060420.png

full pixel at http://ccn.lamost.org/test/73pb_20060420.png

2006-Apr 23Sunday

LUSSEC 9: Orbit Update

2006年4月23日19:05  未分类 评论/Comment.

Lulin Sky Survey Orbit Update Issued 2006 April 23

[email protected]



#LUSS   Designation   Discovered date (UT)   Discoverer(s)

28      2006 GM37     April 4, 2006          T. C. Yang, Q. Ye    

29      2006 GN37     April 4, 2006          T. C. Yang, Q. Ye

30      73P-AM        April 7, 2006          T. C. Yang, C. S. Lin, H. C. Lin, Q. Ye

31      73P-AN        April 11, 2006         T. C. Yang, H. C. Lin, Q. Ye



Designation        Reference        Observer(s)

73P-Z              MPEC 2006-H03    T. C. Yang, C. S. Lin, H. C. Lin, Q. Ye

73P-AE             MPEC 2006-H03    T. C. Yang, C. S. Lin, H. C. Lin, Q. Ye


One-opposition orbits update

Designation   Reference       Arc

2006 FS35     MPEC 2006-H31   23 X

2006 GJ       MPEC 2006-H12   19 X

2006 GR2      MPEC 2006-H04    7 X


Multi-opposition orbits update

Designation   Reference       Opp

2006 EM67     MPEC 2006-H27    5 X

2006 FP35     MPEC 2006-H27    2 X

2006 GE       MPEC 2006-H27    3 X

2006 GK       MPEC 2006-H12    3 X   



Reference         Correction

LUSSOU Apr-8-06   2006 GZ67 -> 2002 GZ67


9 1-nighter(s) wait for confirmation at this time.

Quanzhi Ye              (C) Copyright 2006 Lulin Sky Survey

2006-Apr 17Monday

7Timer! V3: Development news (April 17)

2006年4月17日12:42  7Timer! 评论/Comment.

Hello all,

  After one day’s working, now the main command files have been complete. From April 17 the forecast maps on both China and World-wide will use the new command file (or call ARP 2.1). Now I’ll write command for several big area, when completed, we could get forecast maps for these areas.

  However I’m still confuse about the page writing, the java is still not very thorogh yet…



2006-Apr 16Sunday

Forecast maps page release delay

2006年4月16日21:39  7Timer! 评论/Comment.

Hello all,

  I’m sorry — after one day’s working I still could not finish the forecast maps page creating, so we have to experience longer to see the function. The only work published today is the “Very Important Note” page.

  Though I have finish the command writing (it means the ARP could output the images now), but I take a long time to design and try to complete the java tool on the new forecast map page. I failed, however, so we have to wait.

  Now please use the “world-wide map” to see forecast… sorry about this.



2006-Apr 15Saturday

Archive function added

2006年4月15日21:47  7Timer! 评论/Comment.

Hello all,

  With Zuqiang’s help, the archive function can now be used.

  Please note, as it will take 44M a day if I copy all the images down, I would only supply the archive survey for 24-hour world wide forecast maps.

  The link is here: http://csc.lamost.org/lzq/archive/YYYYMMDD/wwXXXXXNN.png

  Note: YYYYMMDD is the date, while XXXXX could be these two: cloud or trans. “cloud” would output Cloud Cover forecast and “trans” would output Transparency forecast. ”NN” for time: 4(Note it is NOt “04″) - 15h; 5 - 18h; 6 - 21h; 7 - 00h (Day+1); 8 - 03h; 9 - 06h; 10 - 09h; 11 - 12h.

  Enjoy. And I have determine to do my “switch” project, and the switch plan will be do (done) tomorrow.


2006-Apr 10Monday

7Timer! may have a big change

2006年4月10日22:24  7Timer! 一条评论哦 || 1 Comment

Hello all,

  Sorry for this post’s delay, I was not able to write it yesterday — still busy busy and busy.

  I’m now studying the method of seeing. Though I only find a few articles via internet about this topic, I’m still expecting we could have seeing forecast in 7Timer! one day (now I learn it’s possible to do that — the scientists at Mauna Kea successfully use GFS data to produce seeing forecast, I have write them but I haven’t receive reply so far).

  But this is not the big change. Now I’m considering if it’s necessary to change the operate mode. As you know, now the operate mode is, produce forecast for a pointed position.

  However, after nearly one year’s operating, I receive many concern about this kind of mode sometimes go “slightly” wrong. I realize GFS data is good at “global” — goot at “trend”, it’s not “Local Forecast System”. So, in my consideration, the new mode would be this kind of thing –

  There will not be forecast for any pointed location (however, those which have been existed would be re-consider if it is necessary to keep them running), I will only produce forecast maps for a province, country, etc. Or say, 7Timer! will only predict weather for a large area, instead of local. That would make 7Timer! more useful, I think, because the resolution of GFS data is 1 arc deg, it’s waste of 7Timer! to produce “local” forecast.

  So what is going on? Well, in my imagine, firstly we would have a “switch period”, at that time I would create some new pages for some big area, and I would encourage new comers to use these “forecast maps” instead of request new 7Timer!s. Before we switch to the new mode, we would experience two months or longer, as now I’m preparing the forthcoming NMT and do not have much time.

  However, I’m now seriously considering this project. If all things go right, I would start it this weekend. If you have any good idea, please let me know — either mail or post reply here. Thank you!

Best regards,


2006-Apr 9Sunday

Images of 73P-M/N, and possible new complex fragments.

2006年4月9日19:36  Lulin Sky Survey 一条评论哦 || 1 Comment

Hello all,

  Here shows two images of fragment M and N, and a possible new complex fragments. All images are photographed by the Lulin One-meter Telescope (LOT), on 180 seconds x 4 each.

full pixel at http://ccn.lamost.org/test/73p_flagment_2.jpg

  This is the image on April 4, fragment M could be seen. And on northwest we detect a new fragment, the seeing was very good that night, we found the new fragment might be a double one.

     QY6455H 1C2006 04 04.64763 14 31 34.227+22 07 38.26         21.33R      D35
     QY6455H 1C2006 04 04.65061 14 31 34.373+22 07 39.63         21.74R      D35
     QY6455H 1C2006 04 04.65358 14 31 34.594+22 07 44.17         21.60R      D35
     QY6455H 1C2006 04 04.65655 14 31 34.885+22 07 47.71         21.97R      D35
     QY6455I 1C2006 04 04.64763 14 31 34.650+22 07 37.14         21.65R      D35
     QY6455I 1C2006 04 04.65061 14 31 34.744+22 07 41.25         21.88R      D35
     QY6455I 1C2006 04 04.65358 14 31 35.021+22 07 45.12         21.80R      D35

full pixel at http://ccn.lamost.org/test/73p_flagment_3.GIF

  And here is the image of April 7, we could detect fragment M and N, but the possible fragment detected on April 4 was not recovered. Instead, on southeast of fragment M we detect another new fragment.

     QY64846 1C2006 04 07.62041 14 35 48.058+23 10 01.76         20.52R      D35
     QY64846 1C2006 04 07.62329 14 35 48.108+23 10 03.18         20.30R      D35
     QY64846 1C2006 04 07.62626 14 35 48.435+23 10 08.78         19.92R      D35
     QY64846 1C2006 04 07.62926 14 35 48.724+23 10 12.18         20.23R      D35

  I have checked the observations from Mt.Lemmon, none of the above two fragments are found on April 2, but in the observations of April 7 I found this object, which is undesigned too:

      6GC355F  C2006 04 07.46400 14 35 21.86 +23 07 44.6          20.4 V      G96
      6GC355F  C2006 04 07.47123 14 35 22.28 +23 07 55.3                      G96
      6GC355F  C2006 04 07.47855 14 35 23.00 +23 08 05.1                      G96
      6GC355F  C2006 04 07.48586 14 35 23.46 +23 08 13.3                      G96

  Orbit calculations showed the three objects are quite complex. If QY6455H/I = QY64846, this fragment’s orbit would be:

   Perihelion 2006 Jun 7.954565 TT
Epoch 2006 Apr  8.0 TT = JDT 2453833.5                  Ye
M 342.84722              (2000.0)            P               Q
n   0.28140259     Peri.  215.24150      0.02115394      0.98502569    
a   2.3063080      Node    56.55703     -0.86376467      0.10418800    
e   0.6147198      Incl.   11.83270     -0.50345118     -0.13736533    
P   3.50           H   22.0           G   0.15      q 0.8885747
From 7 observations 2006 Apr. 4-7;   RMS error 1.195 arcseconds

  But if QY6455H/I = 6GC355F (I trend to believe this linkage), we could still get a reasonable orbit (though, not as good as the above linkage):

   Perihelion 2006 Jun 7.684741 TT
Epoch 2006 Apr  7.0 TT = JDT 2453832.5                  Ye
M 337.50455              (2000.0)            P               Q
n   0.36468403     Peri.  233.95758      0.11289585      0.98038796    
a   1.9402523      Node    43.42310     -0.81920559      0.18384256    
e   0.5785913      Incl.   13.59178     -0.56227815     -0.07100244    
P   2.70 /987.14d  H   22.9           G   0.15      q 0.8176391
From 7 observations 2006 Apr. 4-7;   RMS error 1.041 arcseconds

  So I’m quite confuse about which is right. I will try to do a third-night observation as soon as possible, but now seems Lulin is going to experience several cloudy nights. Could anyone do a confirmation for this object?



2006-Apr 9Sunday

7Timer!s update (April 9)

2006年4月9日19:04  未分类 评论/Comment.

Hello all,

  Finally I have time to process our requests!

Adds 7Timer!s:

  • 云南省 嵩明县阿子营乡
  • United Kingdom Birmingham
  • Australia Hobart
  • Spain Vitoria [I have correct the timezone from +2 to +1]
  • Malaysia Kota Kinabalu
  • Lithuania Vilnius
  • United Kingdom Devizes
  • Netherlands Emmen
  • United Kingdom Horndean
  • United Kingdom Brynllefrith Observatory CF38
  • Italy Bologna
  • United Kingdom Retford
  • 台湾地区 墾丁
  • Argentina Villa La Angostura
  • USA Groton, NY


  • 山东省 海阳市

Problem requests:

  • United Kingdom Loftus [Inaccurate longnitude, please check it again.]
  • 上海市 南汇 [已存在]
  • Brazil Macei贸 [Please do not use non-eng word]
  • 山东省 天泰观象台 [已存在]

  Okay, that’s all. As I’m going to have another important exam (or called NMT Sim II), the next time of update will be around April 30.

  Now I have something new to annouce, I may post a new thread here…


2006-Apr 8Saturday

诗四首… 欢迎大家拍砖

2006年4月8日22:05  吟诗作赋, 未分类 评论/Comment.




































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